Don't face your business challenges alone.

The Government of Alberta, ministry of Alberta Children's Services recognizes that economic viability and long-term sustainability are key elements to ensuring the health of Alberta's Child Care sector. Sound business practices in both private and not-for-profit child care programming can only enhance the high quality of care and resources that Albertans have come to expect.

In the past few years, a significant number of child care programs throughout Alberta have closed their doors for various reasons. Research shows that many of these programs would have remained sustainable with the access to professional business supports.

As a Child Care Provider or Parent Link Centre, we know you are focused on educating children and supporting families. However, operational and business stresses can often have a negative impact on your ability to do this. That is why Alberta Children's Services has partnered with Microbusiness Training Centre Inc.  to provide Business Support Services to Child Care Programs and Parent Link Centres across the province.  

Your organization can improve its daily operations with the assistance of Business Support Services from Alberta Childcare Ventures.  The tools, business support, and answers you need are right here; and the service is absolutely FREE.


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